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Jiachen Group is headquartered in Laobian District, Yingkou, Liaoning Province. It was founded in 1988 as Yingkou County Huzhuang Talcum Powder Plant. With great supports and care from government at all levels and friends from all walks of life, the Company has been sticking to the business concept and tenet of "self-improvement, bravery, honesty and development" and "human-based and scientific development" and grows from a small business with only thousands of Yuan as the startup capital and tens of workers into a large group that has 16 subsidiaries (and 5 joint stock companies), 10000 employees, floorage of 2.2 million m2 and total assets of RMB10 billion. The group expands mainly in Yingkou, Liaoning and has also enterprises in Shanxi, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenyang. The group extends its business across metallurgical, magnesium-based refractory materials, coal chemical, paper-making, power generation, coal washing, coal mining and magnesium mining industries and also engages in real estate development, construction, international trading, international freight forwarding, financing, logistics, F&B and etc. The group was approved by the state in 2003 as an enterprise without the designation of locale in its name. The group has submitted accumulatively more than RMB3 billion tax to the state, donated RMB30 million to the society and meanwhile assisted more than 1000 poor students in primary and middle schools and universities. The group realized sales income of RMB15 billion and profit and tax of RMB2 billion in 2008. Mr. Sun Shoukuan, Chairman of the Group was elected as the representative of 11th National Congress. The Magnesium Refractory Material Company under the group is a backbone enterprise in the state magnesium refractory material industry. It produces about 700000t magnesium refractory materials each year, including DBM, CCM, medium-grade magnesia, high-purity magnesia, fused magnesia, gunning refractory and etc. As a major production and export base of magnesium refractory materials in China, it sells its products to more than 30 countries and regions home and abroad and its product quality has been highly appraised by customers. The coking & chemical incorporation is located in Laobian District, Yingkou and is a large key enterprise in the national coal chemical industry and also a core enterprise of the group. It comprises of a large chemical plant, sewage treatment plant, power plant, East Yard of Laobian Railway Station, exclusive railway system and coal gas transport facilities. The total investment has exceeded RMB3.6 billion. Its core equipment includes large-scale modern coke ovens (2x55+2x60 holes JN69) with 6m high coking chambers. The company produces 2.5 million ton metallurgical coke, 1.1billion m2 coal gas and various coal chemical products including tar, crude benzene, ammonium sulfate and sulfur each year. As a large-scale coal chemical enterprise with modern features and advanced technologies, the company adopts automatic control on the entire coal chemical process including coal unloading, transport, preparation and blending; coking, quenching to coke transport. The Company has also built an exclusive large-scale railway station—East Yard of Laobian Station, fifteen exclusive railway lines, three self-provided locomotives—an exclusive railway system. Besides ensuring the transport of self-used raw materials and products, the East Yard of Laobian Station plays also an important role as a land depot in developing the local economy in Yingkou. The Company has also built a thermal-power plant fuelled by the tail gas of coking and coal refuses from coal washing. The installed capacity is 24000Kwh/hr and the annual capacity is above 200MKwh. The large-scale sewage plant working for the Fuel Chemical Company has a daily treatment capacity above 7000t. The quality of treated water reaches state Level-I standard. All treated water is circulated inside the Company to ensure zero emission. The Coal Washing Company is a large coal-washing enterprise in China. It has built five coal-washing plants and annual washing capacity of raw coal has exceeded 5 million ton. Each washing plant has built its exclusive railway lines and the most advanced processes and equipment in the world. The Talc Plant has four domestically advanced production lines and could produce more than 80000t talc for papermaking, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and construction materials industry and sell them to 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across China. Moreover, the Company supports also the construction of transport facilities of coal gas extending to the urban area of Yingkou. Once completed and put into operation, it will improve greatly the urban function of Yingkou, clean up the environment and air of urban area and provide clean energy for the city's development. The Company has been awarded with honors of State Large Enterprises, State 100 Private Enterprises, Enterprises Abiding by Contract and Trustworthy, State Excellent Township Enterprise, Liaoning Labor Medal, 100 Enterprises with Comprehensive Strength in Liaoning by the state, province and municipal government as well as the industry and authorities.

Jiachen Group

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